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I basically picture him as a really happy strawberry :3

"National Dog Day" christ

y’all have no idea how much I loathe the end of August. It has always been a totally shit time of year, my older sister passed away on the 21st of August in 92 and her birthday was August 30th so this time of year is always hard enough.  With Sonar’s horrible death, it’s basically unbearable right now. 

I honestly don’t know how long it will take for me to get back to posting. My game is so slow that it’s not fun at all, my laptop has developed an overheating problem and right now I don’t have the energy or desire to deal with it. 

so I guess this is my official hiatus notice. Hopefully it will be as brief as possible but I can’t make any promises. I just need some time to deal with everything. 

RIP my sweet baby Sonar. 

Anonymous said: I am in love with Lizarella's blog, and her! The Rucker Legacy is so great. With her comments, it's so hilarious. I look forward to the end of each day when I can sit down and spend some time on her blog. She never fails to make me laugh. She is also a wonderful person. She has always helped me with issues with the game in the past, and we always have really awesome conversations, game issues aside. She is a good-hearted person, with an amazing sense of humor.


For the amazing and lovely lizarella

Those Ruckers never fail to keep me entertained as well. 

Thank you so much for this. And thank you guys for your kind words on my post yesterday (yes, it is milk in a martini glass - my mate got new martini glasses, she had sweet tea in hers and I had milk ha). You have no idea how much I needed all that this morning.

The puppy I adopted after Bowser died, Sonar, he passed away last night. There was an accident with my boyfriend’s boxer mix. Thank God it happened after Cadence was already in bed, It would have been really awful if she had to see what happened, it was horrible and I completely lost my shit, there’s no way I would have been able to keep it together last night even for her and I’m glad she didn’t have to be there for it. I haven’t told her yet, like I said she was asleep last night and I didn’t want to tell her right before I sent her off to school so she’d spend the whole day distracted, mulling over it without being able to talk to me about it. She had a hard time after Bowser died and she talked about it a lot, sometimes to a point where I wanted to scream at her to stop but I know from experience that it is much healthier for kids to be able to express themselves freely in the wake of tragedy. I know she’ll need to talk about Sonar and it will probably bring up old wounds from Bowser. Idk. I’m not looking forward to this. I know she’s a lot stronger than I know, but still. These boys are my babies and all but she is my baby you know?

I just feel really sad and tired and I still feel so shocked, like this is just a terrible nightmare. I wish I could rewind this year.

almost forgot








my new FB profile pic
bc I love it and the only reason it is not my selfie du jour is because I took it yesterday but man I look cute so here ya go :3

sleazy4goopy replied to your post:

MMmmm get Tatum some of THAT guy ;)

Hahaha right?? omg I saw the thing and was like “…..” and then clicked over to him and was like “………..” and when he’s like gotta go bye I’m like “…..goood”

saskiiaa33 replied to your post:

 bwahaha the craft to … have a head…. I guess?

Idek man like what on earth!

challengemesimply replied to your post:

Hahahaha what in all that is holy is that?!?!

IDEK!! He never got a head either and that has been happening to several sims lately, they don’t have a head or they don’t have a body or whatever and I’m like o.O WHY I have not added any CC in idk how long, in fact I recently went through and deleted a ton of stuff and updated everything and now it’s like WHAT IS HAPPENING

@dg90247sims replied to your post:

He left his head behind! Hahaha XD


challengemesimply replied to your post:

Meeewwwww ;_______; so heartbreakingly beautiful


theladygrace replied to your post:

 He looks SO excited

Totally excited! :P

theladygrace replied to your post:

They are cuties


I am going to try to get some stuff done today, I have been so busy lately and have basically run out of material so I need to play. My game is just so unbearably slow, but just in the Rucker save. So things that I want to happen may not happen and if I end up making a quick, sudden, kind of stupid change that puts a handful of Sims in a different location with a shoddy barely plausible explanation (i.e. gen 5’s moving to IP because the cops are after Belisama for her success in the criminal career lmfao what on earth was that), then that is why. :P

Abernathy gets angry and uses her vampy powers to intimidate him.

She asks Matt to escort her to prom. He’s kind a snob about it. “Why should I take you? I don’t even want to go to stupid prom!”

Her classmate Matt Doe is a bit confused as to why she called him, but she soon makes it clear

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